zurück           The Breitband evenings are time frames in which music and sounds from a wide range of
sources are played. They take place in the Froff in Vienna,
Austria. The aim of these evenings is to play and share the works of rarely
broadcast artists, groups, scientists, etc. belonging to different fields of activity, different
cultures, different periods — without any constraint of format.

Furthermore than presenting atypical recordings, the intention is to put together and to confront
heterogeneous sound-ensembles with the conviction that listening habits are
fragile and that fertile correspondences will emerge by themselves where one does not
necessarily expect them.

A persistent phenomenon lies in the fact that what is rare or few known is almost syste-
matically overtaken by an elitist culture. The bet of these evenings is also to show that curiosity
plays a political role as well and that few spread quality works can open other windows than
those looking on snobbishness and social distinction.

The seeds are here. Only wind and water are missing.